Plan your travel

Plan your travel

Plan your travel

When you travel for the first time to a strange place many problems can arise. In this section you will find all the information needed to organise your travel in the best possible way, joining medical care with your touristic stay. We help you plan your travel in a personalised way, as we have the Medical Tourism Department to resolve any doubts, solve problems or plan both the treatment and the flight, transfer or stay, and this means that from the first instance until your treatment has finished you are undoubtedly in the best hands.

You can be pregnant in less than 30 days

01 2 min.

Free online Prediagnosis

Make it comfortably from home, get an estimate and without any obligations.

No waiting lists. Start whenever you want

02 2 hrs.

First visit

We will confirm the most appropriate treatment for you by making the necessary clinical analyses. If you have a partner, then they can come with you.

Treatment between 15 and 30 days.

03 15-30

You are never alone

From our center we will resolve all your doubts with a personalised follow-up.

Return to finish the treatment when you can.

04 2 hrs.

Second visit

Your treatment is finished, and you can lead a normal life from that day onwards..

05 9 months


* Between 3 and 5 days is needed in the case of In-Vitro Fertilization using your own ovules.

First step
From our website you can access a first online medical consultation, where, with no obligation, to receive a pre-diagnosis (to be confirmed on a first medical personal consultation), a budget and details of how it would be your treatment. If you want, you can also access a personal area where you can view all the information you need and make arrangements privately and securely. From your private area you can ask for a first appointment in person, or by calling the telephone number +34 871 964 960

Second step
First personal appointment. When you come to our facilities, a specialized gynecologist will be able to evaluate you and confirm the pre-diagnosis. Also, for your convenience, you have the option of carrying out additional tests at our facilities at a competitive price, or at any other site of your choice. These tests are among others a blood test, hormonal study, gynecological examination...

Third step
Start of treatment. In case you have no residence in Mallorca it will be able to start both in your country of origin and in our facilities. We are constantly in contact with you so that when the right time to carry out the second visit for the end of treatment with the purpose that you have to move around as little as possible to Mallorca.

Fourth step
Second and last visit to our facilities. In case of in vitro fertilization treatment with ovule donation you will not be more than 2-3 hours at our facilities. In case of making a conventional IVF cycle, time can be increased to 3-4 days.

The satisfaction of our patients and their companions is our main objective. We know that the organization of a journey can be stressful. So, for this reason, the Medical Tourism Department of the Juaneda Healthcare Network can offer our patients and their companions the service of travel planning and organization so that their stay is really rewarding. We will administer and organize your holidays.

FLIGHTS We help to administer the buying of flights, offering timetables and prices that are best-suited to our clients.


TRANSFERS We offer a transfer service upon request of the patient, offering the maximum guarantee of safety, punctuality and professionality.


LODGING We offer a variety of hotels of the highest quality at competitive prices (special discounts for our patients).


Also, we organize tours, activities, excursions to any part of the island, and much more.

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