I want to preserve my fertility.

After 40, the likelihood of getting pregnant with your own eggs sharply declines. The treatment of choice after this age typically involves using donated eggs, due in large part to this technique’s excellent results. However, it is a technique that many women, due to personal reasons, don’t want to consider, at least as a first option, as they have a strong desire to become mothers with their own eggs and, by extension, their own DNA.

Egg vitrification is a simple and easy technique that will allow you to greatly increase your possibilities of having children with your own DNA. This technique is ideal for women who know that, no matter how much they may want it, their time to become mothers has not yet arrived. Typically, the most common reasons quoted are professional in nature, as there are many women who know that they would be unable to dedicate as much time as they would like to being mothers. They also know that to do so would be to sacrifice everything they have fought for in the professional arena to that point. Not yet having found the perfect partner to share the adventure of becoming parents is another frequently cited reason.

The process is quick and easy. The treatment is usually completed within 15 days and involves hormone stimulation, in order to obtain a greater number of mature eggs than is typical in a natural cycle, and a follicular puncture performed under anesthesia. The recovered eggs will be frozen using the technique known as vitrification, which has a survival rate of almost 100%. These eggs will remain frozen for as long as necessary and until they are used.

Once you decide to use them, the process will consist of unfreezing and inseminating the eggs with your partner’s semen, or semen from a bank, and then performing the embryo transfer. This process is not included in the initial quote. Don’t forget that your eggs, by definition, belong to you. As such, when you decide to use them, you can undergo the treatment at our facilities or any other center of your choosing.

Relevant considerations:

Egg vitrification does not advance the onset of menopause, nor is it associated with an increased risk of cancer. The treatment has virtually no side effects, except for any that may occur as a result of the anesthesia required for the follicular puncture and ovarian stimulation (see the informed consent form for more information). Additionally, the treatment does not decrease your number of eggs, as an average of 10 eggs are extracted from the thousands or hundreds of thousands of eggs that an adult woman may have.

Although, in theory, you only need one egg to get pregnant, your chances of becoming a mother increase with the number of eggs used. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that pregnancy is a biological process and, therefore, it is impossible to guarantee, with all certainty, a successful pregnancy. However, we can guarantee that your chances of success will be very good.

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