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What can assisted reproduction do for me

Assisted reproduction is not a medical treatment which replaces nature in its function of achieving a pregnancy. As its name suggests, what we do is assist in the natural process in these cases where there is a problem that prevents achieving pregnancy.

To get pregnant, it is necessary to join ovule and a sperm. This will produce the union of male and female chromosomes, resulting in an embryo with the combination of genes from both parents. The embryo will move down the Fallopian tube to the uterus, where it will join to the endometrium to continue developing, resulting in the birth to a child 9 months later.

It is that simple and at the same time complicated. Throughout this process problems may occur at any stage: Not having ovules, Fallopian tubes may be blocked and the embryo cannot reach the uterus, the endometrium may not be receptive and not allow the embryo to develop...

Our mission therefore is to discover the problem and solve it, to assist in this process to help the patient give birth to a healthy child.

Why is it so difficult to get pregnant?

The human being is one of the species with a lower reproductive rate. This is due to many different reasons, such as, environmental toxins and toxins in food, the postponement of the age of woman during pregnancy...

A couple which does not have fertility problems has a 85% probability of getting pregnant in the first year, so if after that time the woman has not become pregnant is recommended to visit a specialist. If you are more than 35 years old it is recommended to visit a specialist after 6 months, because time is a factor that plays against an older woman.

Do not be worried if pregnancy is not achieved after the first unprotected sexual intercourse. An interesting piece of information is that an average of 108 sexual intercourses are needed to get pregnant (for couples that are 20-29 years old).

I want to be mother and I don’t have a male partner

If you are a woman without a male partner in Spain you won’t have a problem becoming a user of assisted reproductive techniques and thus achieving the desired pregnancy.

For this it will be used donor semen to that have made proves to ensure the suitability of this.

The techniques that you can choose from are donor insemination, in vitro fertilization with donor semen and all possible variables.

The semen donor will also be chosen to coincide phenotypically with you, that is, to have maximum similarities of hair, eye and skin colour, constitution...

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