In Vitro Fertilisation

Ovarian stimulation is carried out and, when the follicles are ready, the oocyte collection is performed by ultrasound-guided puncutre.

Next, the sperm sample is collected and taken to the laboratory to be treated with the objective of selecting the best sperm for the insemination. Once the sperm are chosen, a dilution is prepared with them to guarantee an adequate mobility per milliliter. On a slide, drops of the solution are placed in the same amount as the available oocytes. The oocytes are placed inside each drop of seminal dilution. We leave these in the incubator until the next day when the oocytes have been fertilised.

24 hours after a correct fertilisation, the first division will happen, and so forth until day 5. The embryo can be transferred after 48 hours, but the day depends on the special characteristics of each patient (day 3 or day 5). Each patient is informed on the most convenient procedure to follow in order to achieve a successful cycle.

The embryo transfer is done through the cervix with a catheter, without sedation.

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