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In just two minutes and following these steps you will get a pre-diagnosis and a personalized budget without obligation and guaranteed by our 10 years of experience.


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  • Get pregnant

    With maximum comfort and equipped with the latest technologies.

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    Preserving your eggs allows you to postpone your maternity.

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Juaneda Fertility Center has the most advanced incubator that currently exists, the Embryoscope. It is an incubator that combines the highest stability with a system of time-lapse that allows avideo recording of each embryo throughout its development, allowing us to obtain not only the best quality embryo but also the best selection, taking into account both its cynetics and morphology. These two parameters are vital, since the rate of pregnancies in great measure depends on the embryonic quality, and the correct selection of embryo to transfer

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There are many different types of reproductive treatments which provide solutions for practically all of the causes of infertility. During the first visit, with the medical tests performed, we will confirm the adequate treatment for your case. You can see a list of our main treatments below:

Patient International

Welcome to the international patient section. Here you will find all the necessary help and information to be able to carry out your treatment in our centers in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. Juaneda Healthcare Network is specialised in the healthcare attention of international patients.

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Our Center

There are many kinds of assisted reproduction treatments, which depending on the particular circumstance and problem can find a solution to all the causes of infertility.

  • Fertility Center 1
  • Fertility Center 2
  • Fertility Center 3
  • Fertility Center 4
  • Fertility Center 5
  • Fertility Center 6
  • Fertility Center 1
  • Fertility Center 2
  • Fertility Center 3
  • Fertility Center 4
  • Fertility Center 5
  • Fertility Center 6

Juaneda Fertility Center is the centre for assisted reproduction run by the Juaneda Healthcare Network. A team of professionals with more than 15 years’ experience in this field provide our patients with a comprehensive service.

We are excellently located in Palma de Mallorca, which, thanks to its excellent tourism infrastructure, makes the island easily accessible from anywhere in Europe.

  • Personal experience

    Assisted reproduction is a constantly evolving field, and therefore it is very important that the clinic provides staff and optimal resources to always offer the latest in technology and advances

  • Personal treatment

    Whenever medical treatment is carried out patients feel vulnerable, and due to the special characteristics of a assisted reproduction treatment, this feeling is even more pronounced

  • Probabilities of success

    Not all clinics have the same results. Compare the different statistics of the centers. Appreciate the best for you

  • Expenses

    Please be aware of all the extra expenses that you may have when choosing a center, such as travelling, accommodation...

  • Support network

    When choosing a center is important to know who is being treated.

  • Lastest technology

    For success in assisted reproductive treatment, it not only necessary to have qualified staff but also to have the latest technology.

  • A peaceful surrounding

    It is very important that you can feel relaxed in every aspect, from start to finish.

For inquiries, please contact us:

+34 871 96 49 60

Camí de Son Rapinya, 1
07014 Palma

Our Team

Our Team

Juaneda Fertility Center is the assisted reproduction center for the Juaneda Healthcare Network. A team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in this field, offer our patients a global service. We are in continuous training in order to always offer the latest techniques and advances to our patients.

Our team is prepared and specialised to attend to patients from all over the world, wherever the location and whatever the language.

Accreditations and certificates

  • Medical Tourism Certified
  • Medigo
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Registro Nacional de Actividad - Sociedad Española de Fertilidad
  • Freeze verified

Empresas colaboradoras

  • Fertility Support Group Specialist

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