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Cell freezing and storage is possible with the use of nitrogen liquid (-196ºC). Under these conditions the cells can be stored for a long period of time without affecting their viability or performance.

The following samples can be frozen in our clinic using specific preservation methods:

• Sperm samples.
• Epididymis sample or testicular tissue sample.
• Oocytes.
• Embryos between days 2-6.
• Ovarian tissue samples (for patients with diseases whose treatment will damage ovaries, such as patients with a type of cancer).

Freezing sperm cells

The sperm to be used can come from ejaculation or epididymal or testicular aspiration. These three types of samples can be frozen and used in a subsequent treatment (Insemination, in vitro fertilisation or ICSI).

Patients who travel frequently can benefit from it.

And it is especially useful for subsequent treatment in the case of a patient needing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, due to the frequency in which these treatments damage the testicular tissue.

Studies show that sperm that has been stored for almost 30 years does not present evidence of decreased quality.

The sperm samples from the donors are usually frozen, after checking all of the factors, until they can be used.

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