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Juaneda Fertility Center has the most advanced incubator that currently exists, the Embryoscope. It is an incubator that combines the highest stability with a system of time-lapse that allows avideo recording of each embryo throughout its development, allowing us to obtain not only the best quality embryo but also the best selection, taking into account both its cynetics and morphology. These two parameters are vital, since the rate of pregnancies in great measure depends on the embryonic quality, and the correct selection of embryo to transfer

The Embryoscope allows the uninterrupted culture of the embryos as itcan visualize them through the camera. In conventional incubators it is necessary to extract the embryosfrom the incubator at least once a day to be able visualize and evaluate them.

On extracting them for evaluation there are changes in the temperature and CO2 of the culture, which is harmful for the optimum development of the embryo. This is avoided with the camera system that allows us to visualize them every moment.

Advantages of the Embryoscope:

  • Stable incubation without perturbations of temperature and CO2 concentration.
  • Registry of CO2 Concentration and temperature control 24 hours a day.
  • All the air that enters the incubators purified with active carbon and HEPA filters. It eliminates volatile organic compounds and retains 99.97% of the particles larger than 0.3 micras.
  • Dry incubation without water tray. It eliminates the problems of water condensation and fungi growth on the high humidity surfaces
  • Selection of the best embryo thanks to automated logarithms
  • The embryos are filmed with red light at 635nm of low energy, much less harmful than conventional white light
  • Improvement of the rates of pregnancy with respect to the conventional incubator between 10 and 15%

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